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Foundation Repairs in Ottawa


Residential foundation weeping tile, also known as perimeter drain tile or French drain, is a crucial component of a home's waterproofing system. Installed around the exterior perimeter of the foundation, weeping tile consists of perforated pipes buried in a bed of gravel. Its primary function is to collect and divert groundwater away from the foundation, preventing moisture from accumulating around the structure. As water infiltrates the soil around the foundation, it is intercepted by the weeping tile and directed towards a designated drainage point, such as a sump pump or the city sewer system.

Foundation Repairs in Ottawa

By effectively managing groundwater, weeping tile helps to alleviate hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls, reducing the risk of water intrusion, dampness, and structural damage within the home.

Proper installation and maintenance of residential foundation weeping tile are essential for ensuring its effectiveness in protecting the home against water damage. Over time, soil settlement, root intrusion, or debris accumulation can compromise the performance of the weeping tile system, leading to blockages or reduced drainage capacity.

Regular inspection and cleaning of the weeping tile, as well as timely repairs to any damaged sections, are necessary to maintain optimal functionality. Additionally, homeowners should ensure that the weeping tile system is properly sloped to promote efficient drainage away from the foundation. With a well-maintained weeping tile system in place, homeowners can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their home is safeguarded against the potentially costly and disruptive effects of water infiltration and foundation damage.

Our services include complete or partial replacement, C.C.T.V camera inspections, power flushing and test pit excavations to determine the condition of your weeping tile. We can evaluate each project and provide a solution to resolve your problems.

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