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Foundation Waterproofing in Ottawa


Basements are imperfect structures built in soils that vary. Water in the soils leaking into basement is a problem that has troubled homeowners for over 100 years. This water will enter the basement through walls, floors and joints between them. Over the years, contractors and engineers have developed a wide variety of methods to keep basements dry. Some of these methods are more effective than others.

Among the best of these methods is to install a sub-floor drainage system along the perimeter of the floor. Here are a few challenges to this method. One is to keep the drain from being clogged by mud over the years. Many homeowners go years without a water problem and then develop one because of existing sub-floor and sub-surface drains clogging with mud. Another is to set up the system to accept water from the walls without leaving a large unsightly gap at the edge of the floor which can collect dirt and debris from the floor, also clogging the drain.

Foundation Waterproofing in Ottawa
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