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Foundation Replacement in Ottawa


Platon, used as a flooring protector, will insure your floor is warm, comfortable, odour-free, healthy and dry.
Foundation Replacement in Ottawa

Laying floor covering on concrete? A beautiful floor may hide a rotten reality. Even though a floor may look good on the surface, the reality underneath may be entirely different. Concrete floors will always contain moisture. Floor coverings laid on concrete without an adequate dampproof barrier will be affected and damaged. The results are bad smells, mold, mildew and an unhealthy internal environment. A moisture barrier that does not provide air flow under it will trap moisture and cause problems.

The Platon Solution

By using Platon over concrete, an impermeable vapour barrier and air gap is created. This allows the concrete to breathe while keeping the floor dry. The finished floor is lifted from the cold damp concrete and becomes room temperature, which minimizes surface condensation and musty smells. Platon gives you new freedom of choice in floor covering materials. It is a suitable underlay for laminate floors OR, when covered with plywood or OSB board, for carpet, vinyl and engineered hardwood.

Foundation Replacement in Ottawa

Over fresh concrete, you can install flooring as soon as you can walk on the slab so it makes sense to install Platon and plywood or OSB board over the concrete to eliminate scheduling delays and moisture damage to newly installed flooring. Non load bearing walls can be built right on the sub-floor!

Platon can also be installed on floors with radiant heat with very little effect on heat transfer.

If your basement is unfinished and the walls are damp, Platon may be run horizontally along the walls after the sub-floor has been installed. Seal the top (smooth) edge of the Platon to the concrete portion of the wall with caulking to keep moisture out of the sill plate area. Frame the walls right on top of the sub-floor, insulate against the Platon, and be sure to use a vapour barrier over the insulation before dry-walling.

Foundation Replacement in Ottawa
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