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Foundation Types | Foundation Repairs in Ottawa

Foundation Repairs in Ottawa

At Ottawa Structural Residential Services, we understand the importance of addressing various foundation-related concerns to ensure the stability and integrity of your home. Whether you're dealing with foundation repairs in Ottawa, foundation waterproofing in Ottawa, foundation replacement in Ottawa, window well replacement in Ottawa, garage floor repair in Ottawa, or basement floor repair in Ottawa, our comprehensive services cover all your needs.

Foundation Depths:

  1. Slab Foundation: A flat concrete pad often used for room additions or detached garages. However, it's prone to sinking issues due to its shallow depth.

  2. Crawl Space: Elevated off the ground at least 24 inches, creating an empty space beneath the house. Unfortunately, it's susceptible to mold and fungi growth due to moisture accumulation.

  3. Basement: Typically 8 feet tall, providing additional living space. Yet, it's prone to leaning, sinking, and seepage issues due to its depth and exposure to water.

  4. Telephone Post or Pier and Beam: Elevated slightly above the ground, often used for older homes or in areas with unstable soil. While relatively inexpensive and easy to build, it requires careful maintenance.

  5. No Foundation: In rare cases, some structures may lack a proper foundation, necessitating the installation of a new, deep trench foundation, typically 42 inches deep.

Different Types of Foundations:

  1. Concrete Foundation Walls: Made of concrete precast forms with a footing. Although normal shrinkage cracks may appear, any signs of leaking or widening cracks indicate a foundation problem.

  2. Concrete Block Foundation Walls: Constructed using cinder blocks, these walls are prone to inward movement or bowing due to insufficient strength to resist lateral soil pressure.

  3. Limestone Foundation Wall: Common in older homes, typically over 100 years old. Composed of stacked stone filled with mortar, it's vulnerable to deterioration over time.

  4. Red Brick Foundation: Composed of bricks and mortar, it's susceptible to bowing and settling due to deterioration in the materials.

Understanding the type and condition of your foundation is crucial for addressing issues such as weeping tile repairs, foundation cracks, underpinning, foundation structural repairs, water infiltration, leaking basement, foundation replacement, egress windows, garage floors, waterproofing membrane, and basement floors. In Ottawa, where concerns like wet basements and water infiltration are prevalent, homeowners must be proactive in maintaining and safeguarding their foundations against potential damage. Consulting with experienced professionals in foundation repairs and waterproofing services, such as Ottawa Structural Residential Services, is essential for ensuring the longevity and stability of your home in Ottawa's diverse environmental conditions.


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